Hitachi S-3400N Type-II

Variable Pressure SEM



The Ray and Mary Wilcox SEM Lab houses a Hitachi S3400 Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope. The instrument was purchased with support from NSF and Department of Geoscience and installed in 2007.

Hitachi S3400 VP-SEM in Weeks Hall room 308, Department of Geoscience

Instrument Specs:

– Ultra Large Specimen Chamber

– Accommodates 300mm Diameter Specimens up to 60mm in Height

– Low vacuum range 6-270 Pa

– 5 Axis Motorized Computer Eucentric Stage (100mm x 50mm)

– 360° rotating stage with -20 – 90° tilt

– 130mm Observable area

– Three 35° take-off angle analytical ports with 10mm analytical WD

– Agilent IDP-15 dual-stage Scroll Pump

– W-filament electron source


SE – Everhart-Thornley Secondary Electron Detector

BSE – 5 Segment solid-state detector with Topo, Compo and 3D Mode

ESED – Environmental secondary electron detector

CL – Gatan PanaCL Cathodoluminescence system

EDS – Oxford 35 mm2 SDD Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer

EBSD – Oxford C-Swift Electron Backscatter Diffraction Camera

Accelerating Voltage:

0.3 – 30 kV




SE (30 kV) = 3.0 nm

BSE (30 kV) = 4.0 nm

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Secondary Electron Imaging (SEI)



Backscattered Electron Imaging (BSE)

Hitachi High-Sensitivity BSE detector


Cathodoluminescence Imaging (CL)

Gatan PanaCL/F system


Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)

Oxford AZtec EDS system (SDD)



Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)

Oxford EBSD system