Hitachi S-3700N

Ultra Large Chamber Variable Pressure SEM

The Hitachi S-3700N VP-SEM was purchased with support from a UW2020 grant awarded to Prof. Chloe Bonamici for research into the properties and structure of ice and icy materials. The instrument is equipped with custom LN-cooled cryo-stage with 70 degree tilt for EBSD analysis of polycrystalline ice samples. The S-3700N is equipped with Amptek EDS detector specialized for X-ray spectroscopy of low-energy X-rays.


Instrument Specs:

– Ultra Large Specimen Chamber

– Accommodates 300mm Diameter Specimens up to 110mm in Height

– Low vacuum range 6-270 Pa

– 5 Axis Motorized Computer Eucentric Stage (110mm x 150mm)

– 360° rotating stage with -20 – 90° tilt

– 203mm Observable area

– Four 35° take-off angle analytical ports with 10mm analytical WD

– Specimen Exchange Chamber (127mm diameter x 40 mm high specimen)

– Agilent IDP-15 dual-stage Scroll Pump

– W-filament electron source



SE – Everhart-Thornley Secondary Electron Detector

BSE – 5 Segment Low Impedance BSE Detector with Topo, Compo and 3D Mode

ESED – Environmental secondary electron detector

EDS – Amptek Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer

EBSD – Oxford C-Swift Electron Backscatter Diffraction Camera


Accelerating Voltage:

0.3 – 30 kV






SE (30 kV) = 3.0 nm

SE (3 kV) = 10 nm

BSE (30 kV) = 4.0 nm