Ancillary Equipment


Our labs are equipped with machines for Carbon coating as well as coating with Iridium, Gold, or Platinum.

The C-coater is a Denton #### with sensor-controlled thickness monitor.

The metals coater is a ### with targets for coating with Ir, Au, or Pt, and other metal targets can be acquired as needed.

Optical Microscopes

Our labs house several optical microscopes for sample observation. We have polarized petrographic microscopes for transmitted light microscopy and  stereoscopes for reflected light microscopy. All microscopes are available for use by visitors to the EMRL.


We have vacuum furnaces and hotplates for sample desiccation.

Vacuum Filtration

Our labs are equipped with a vacuum-backed filtration apparatus capable of extracting solid particles from liquid media. We have a range of filter sizes (0.54 nm, 10 um, 30 um) that can be useful for a variety of applications. Filters are nylon and can withstand a variety of acidic or basic fluid media. Please contact us for more details or access to our filtration equipment.

Polishing and Sample Preparation Equipment